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Turkmen entrepreneurs will harvest their first banana crop

Employees of the "Miwe" Open Joint Stock Company located in Kaahki etrap plan to harvest their first banana crop in May. Seedlings of this exotic fruit variety "Cavendish" were planted in March last year.

Miwe OJSC, which unites four Turkmen companies - Gök bulut, Miweli atyz, Datly miwe and Hemsaýa - presented its "fruit" project at the Ashgabat exhibition of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on March 17. On the area of 1200 hectares there are apple, pear, plum, peach and nut orchards planted a year ago. The harvest from these trees is planned to be harvested in 2022.

It should be noted that each of the four companies owns 300 hectares and the products grown are differentiated. For example, "Gök bulut" HO planted nut and fruit trees - pears, apples, peaches and plums. The harvest of dates and almonds will be collected by employees of Hemsaýa. And the companies "Miweli atyz" and "Datly miwe" grow almonds on 600 hectares of land.

It's nice that fruits and nuts are represented by different varieties - apples "Scarletspur", "Ginger golden", "Challenger" and "Rost glow", walnuts "Lara", "Howard", "Franquetta" and "Chandeler", Peach "Plane sun", "Fresh rock", "Gartario", "Extreme 314" and "Extreme 514", dates "Rojo brilliante", pear "Chojuro" and "Kosui", plum "Black splendor", almonds "Tarraco", "Laurenne", "Marinada", "Vairo" and "Makako".

In addition to orchards, JSC "Miwe" has shops for fruit processing and refrigerated warehouses for storing crops.


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