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The Mirror Date and Groundhog Day 2020: Spring is Near

Today is Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day, a popular holiday in the United States. The tradition of determining what spring will be, based on the behavior of this animal for over 130 years.

In 1886, local journalist Clymer Fries, in an article, declared February 2 to be Groundhog Day, and the following year, in 1887, the first official celebration of the event took place. Since then, every year on this day in the town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, a merry festival has been held that attracts a large number of tourists. The world learned about the event The world became aware of this event thanks to the movie Groundhog Day, starring B. Murray, which was released in 1993-м.


This year the famous groundhog Phil predicted an early spring in the United States. The definition is very simple: if an animal sees its shadow when it comes out of its burrow and hides back, six more weeks of frosty weather are expected. In the opposite case, when a groundhog quietly leaves his dwelling and does not see his shadow - spring is not far off.

The members of the "Middle Circle" organization are engaged in the holiday with all seriousness, as evidenced even by their appearance - black coats and cylinders. The beastie reports its prognosis directly to the head of the organization.


It is also worth noting that today's date of 02.02.2020, according to astrologers and numerologists, is unique as it reads equally in both directions. Such mirror dates in the Eastern culture are considered fateful.


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