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A 10-year-old Turkmen karate fighter became a four-time world champion

Ovezmyrat Sapadurdiyev of Turkmenistan won four gold medals at the 12th World Shotokan Karate Championship. The world championship began Sept. 9 in the Czech city of Pardubice, Turkmenistan: The Golden Age newspaper reported.

733 karate fighters from 31 countries take part in the championship. During the three days in different age and weight categories 246 sets of awards will be played - in the disciplines of kata (demonstration of exercises - combat with an invisible opponent) and kumite (combat sparring).

Ovezmyrat Sapadurdyev studies in the 5th grade of the 1st specialized school with profound study of foreign languages of Geoktepa etrap. He received 4 top honors in combat sparring among 10-11 year olds.

Battles in this type last 2 minutes. And the winner is determined by a certain point difference.

O.Sapadurdiev won three highest awards in the weight category up to 30 kg in the following disciplines: Shobu Ippon Kumite (fight with a difference up to 2 points), Shobu Sanbon Kumite (fight up to 6 points) and WCF Kumite (fight up to 8 points). He received the fourth gold medal in the absolute weight category in Shobu Ippon Kumite (fight up to 2 points).

Ovezmyrat is trained by his father Sapadurdy Setdarov, the mentor of the national team of Turkmenistan, a 3rd dan black belt holder.

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