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4,000 COVID-19 survivors donate blood for research in the Republic of Korea

Over 4,000 citizens of the Republic of Korea who were cured of COVID-19 have expressed a desire to donate their own blood plasma for the production of an antiviral vaccine. According to U.S. data, the gross value of four thousand blood samples of 500 ml is equal to $83 billion. A specialist of the biopharmaceutical company Green Cross Pharma (Republic of Korea) reported that the intensification of vaccine development was hampered by the small number (about two hundred) of blood samples donated by cured people. Thanks to this mass donation, however, the problem of the shortage will be solved.

In the first quarter of 2020, COVID-19 quickly spread to the congregation of Sinchonji Church in Daegu, Republic of Korea. Lee Man Hee, founder of Shinchonji, informed that church members were encouraged to donate blood plasma for research, and 4,000 volunteers responded to the call. The church has discussed a plan with Korean health officials to have recovered volunteers donate blood plasma. Media Coordinator Sinchonji reported that the religious organization's structures work closely with government agencies to counter COVID-19.

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