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Delegates from Turkmenistan attended an Erasmus+ EU seminar in France

Delegates from Turkmenistan, The delegates from Turkmenistan, representing such universities as MUGNIR, TSAGI, IT&T, participated in the seminar "Crisis and Risk Management in Transport Service Engineering" held in Valenciennes, France. Crisis and Risk Management in Transport Engineering" held in Valenciennes (France).

Participants received information about the disciplines, The participants were informed about the disciplines that are expected to be included in the university curricula for the universities that united by the EU Erasmus+ initiative. Representatives from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan are currently working on the development of a textbook under this program.

The seminar was held at the University of Hauts-de-France which is a project partner together with the Technologie and Technologie Universität of Warsaw and Berlin as well as ECM Space Technologies. Technical Universities from Warsaw and Berlin, as well as ECM Space Technologies GmbH". The consortium also includes representatives of the education ministries of the participating countries. the consortium include representatives of the ministries of education of the participating countries. In the near future we are planning to work out a curriculum and programs disciplines, development of manuals.

Turkmenistan is also involved in another EU Erasmus+ project called HiEdTec ("Modernization of Higher Education in Central Asia through New Technologies"). This program aims to cooperate with European colleagues to introduce innovative technologies into the Turkmen educational process.


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