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French expert on the cultivation of coffee in Turkmenistan

The head of the international relations department of the French company "Agrenium"Professor Etienne Saur recently visited Turkmenistan's Niyazov Agricultural University. Niyazov, according to the official website of the House of the Press State Publishing Service Turkmenistan.

The guest praised President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov's efforts to develop science and education in Turkmenistan, noting that all conditions have been created here for training students in this field, and also expressed confidence that the bilateral relations will continue to strengthen properly.

During the meeting, Etienne Sowr informed about the work of the French company. The company includes 15 French universities, 4 research institutes, and about 100 laboratories. Agrenium currently implements a number of large-scale projects in Europe, Asia and Africa. The company is mainly engaged in growing trees in wild forests, producing environmentally friendly fertilizers and protecting the environment.

The professor exchanged views with experienced TCU professors on ways to produce cotton in France and on possible methods of growing coffee in Turkmenistan. In the course of the conversation, the experienced faculty members of Agrenium's higher education institutions also discussed organizing online trainings and joint research with their Turkmen counterparts.

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