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The Hakimlik of the Dyanev etrap of Turkmenistan received $1 million.

The Hakimlik of the Dyanev etrap of Turkmenistan received $1 million.

The khakimlik of the Dyanev etrap of Lebap velayat of Turkmenistan received $1 million. Celebrations on the occasion of this event were held at the etrap cultural center. On the basis of the Order of the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, Dyanev etrap received this award as the best etrap in Turkmenistan. The participants were the heads of the Central Council of Trade Unions of Turkmenistan Lebap velayat and the residents of the winning district as well as guests from other districts. The heads of the Central Council of Trade Unions of Turkmenistan, Lebap velayat, residents of the winning etrap and guests from other etraps participated in the celebration.

The awarding of the $1 million prize took place during a festive gathering organized at the Etrap Cultural Center.

Those present at the festivities could also learn about the achievements of the etrap - for this purpose a thematic exposition was organized. It was located in the area between the cultural center and the Governorate of the Dyanev etrap. The key places were occupied by exhibits telling about the achievements in the agrarian and industrial spheres, as well as the development of the agricultural industry in the region. The staff of the Amudarya Reserve told the guests about the activities aimed at preserving and augmenting the natural treasures. Those interested in the cultural heritage of the etrap were also able to see the relevant exhibits. The exhibition touched on all aspects of life of the Dyanev etrap.

Dutar ensemble gave a special mood to the festivities with its performance.

Industry in the etrap is represented primarily by the Seyda Oil Refinery, which is part of the TKNPZ. At present, the enterprise has become one of the velayat industrial centers. Raw materials for refining are brought here from such fields as Gazodzhak, Yashildepe and others. Nowadays, the plant produces road bitumen, diesel fuel, gasoline, liquefied gas, fuel oil and gasoil, which not only meet the domestic market demand, but also are supplied to foreign countries - Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Also among the main industrial enterprises should be mentioned Seyda thermal power plant and Seyda cotton spinning factory.

Dyanev etrap is in the list of large agricultural producers of Turkmenistan, constantly showing high results. Thus, last year the cotton growers of the etrap significantly exceeded their contractual obligations to the state - 51.89 thousand tons of cotton was delivered to the bins of the Motherland. The peasant farms established on the basis of Dayhan associations as well as private agricultural enterprises grow rich harvests of fruits, vegetables, berries and melons as well as fodder crops and wheat. The region makes a significant contribution to food prosperity in the country.

Sports, culture, education and health care are also actively developing in the Dianeu etrap. New buildings are being erected, equipment is being improved and modernized. Students, athletes and cultural figures of the region have repeatedly become winners of not only local or national, but also interstate level shows. For example, the young chess player Lala Shokhradova managed to win the world champion title based on the results of competitions held in China.

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