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Hockey players from Turkmenistan beat Kyrgyzstan at the Kazan Hokey Cup

Hockey players of Turkmenistan have won their first victory at the International Tournament among Islamic countries, which is held in the city of Kazan. This is reported by the Internet publication "Turkmenistan: Golden Age.

In the second round, the Turkmen hockey players defeated the Kyrgyz athletes 5-4 in a tense struggle. The game between the two teams was very important because the teams of Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan performed poorly in the first round. Turkmenistan lost to the team from Tatarstan 2-7, while Kyrgyzstan lost 5-7 in the first round to Kazakhstan.

In the third round, the Turkmen team will meet and have a decisive game with the team from Kazakhstan. Since each team has one win, the battle for first place in the group promises to be interesting.

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