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"Once an artist, always an artist. Ata Akyev is 70!

On February 18, the exhibition center of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan hosted an exhibition of works by Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Ata Akyev. The event was timed to the 70th anniversary of the artist.

Exhibition of paintings by Ata Akyev

The opening ceremony of the exhibition began with a solemn performance of musicians.

Performing musicians

Ata-aga is a graduate of the so-called "Mary painters' school," which has won great honor both in Turkmenistan and abroad.

The exhibition featured dozens of works by the master. As noted by the guests of the event, each picture of the artist has a unique handwriting, not like the style of other masters. According to visitors, each canvas is a deep philosophical story about emotions and emotional worries. Each painting is a unique work of art, where each figure is a sensual non-verbal message.

The paintings "Agtyk" (Grandson) and "Güýç" (Power)

Experts call Ata Akyev's style a skilful combination of expressionism and modernism. However, among the master's paintings there are many works of such genres as impressionism and realism.

His portrait painting deserves special attention. Focusing on the mental component of his characters, the artist seems to transfer their alter egos to the canvas, transforming their countenance through the prism of his own perception.

Ata Akyev - People's Artist of Turkmenistan

With his Ata-aga's versatile approach to painting captivated both adult and young audiences. The art of painting is a very versatile and popular genre of art.

The jubilee received gifts with heartfelt congratulations from his colleagues and comrades, among whom were venerable figures in the sphere of artistic activity, such as Ovezmukhammed Mammetnurov, People's Artist of Turkmenistan and famous museologist, Azat Annaev, art critic, and Mered Klychev, member of the Artists Union. "Once an artist, always an artist," was the title of a series of congratulatory speeches. "Having once conveyed a thought through art, mere words are no longer enough for the artist. Thoughts are expressed in shapes and shades."

Ata Akyev's congratulations ceremony

The final coda to the festive exhibition was a performance by People's Artist of Turkmenistan Atageldy Garyagdiyev, who performed opera works.

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