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The experiment of Turkmen farmers bore fruit in the form of a rich harvest

Turkmenistan's traditional Harvest Festival is held annually in November. By this time, cotton growers, farmers, rice growers, horticultural farms and farms of the country report to the people on the achieved results.

Farmers and farming communities achieve excellent performance in their work, the results of which can be seen by every resident of Turkmenistan: consumers are constantly provided with fresh fruits and vegetables grown in their native land.

The experiment of Turkmen farmers to grow foreign low-growing and high-yielding fruit trees and shrubs has exceeded the wildest expectations. Cultivated orchards give a rich harvest of apples, pears, peaches, cherries and almonds. Farm produce not only meets the needs of the local population, but is also exported to other countries.

Horticulturists are not lagging behind. The development of this branch of agriculture in the country was promoted by timely and full-scale support of the state. Quality seed stock allowed to grow unprecedented harvest of rice of excellent quality.



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