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Turkmenistan's cybersports have reached the global level

Turkmenistan Electronic Sports Federation (TMeSF) this month has entered the International eSports Federation (IeSF). This event will provide an opportunity to accelerate the exchange of experience with the cybersports organizations of the planet and to establish productive cooperation with tournament organizers, major game publishers, franchise owners, as well as to diversify the list of competitions in which our professional gamers can participate.

В 2018 IOC acknowledged cybersports like separate sport, and from 2024 will put it on the list of official Olympic competitions. Participation in IeSF opens before our eSports federation the possibility of participation of Turkmen representatives in the games of the world level, including the Olympic and the most large-scale championships. Also, the Federation of Turkmenistan got the opportunity to hold major tournaments and national selections under the auspices of the IeSF.

In its still short history, TMeSF has already organized a number of regular competitions, revealing potential cybersports stars.

We should also remind you that in the course of the Asian Games 2017The first-ever cybersports competition of the Asian Games, held in Turkmenistan, took place on Dota 2, Hearthstone, StarCraft II, and King of Fighters. IeSF became part of the Asian Electronic Sports Federation AESF In early 2019.


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