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Meat products in Turkmenistan will reach a new level of quality

Entrepreneurs in Turkmenistan intend to improve the quality of their meat products. To this end, they attended a two-day seminar held at the Yildiz Hotel in Ashgabat as part of an EU project to promote the further sustainable development of Turkmen villages and agriculture. The event was organized by the SPPT and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The topic of the online seminar, conducted by international experts Miles McPherson and David Lange, was to learn about the specifics of preparing, processing, and handling meat products. The Turkmen businessmen learned about new humane methods of slaughtering cattle using practical examples from Australia, the United States and Ireland. It was noted at the seminar that Australia is the closest to Turkmenistan's arid zone by its climatic features.

The participants of the seminar were introduced to the ways to reduce costs in the course of meat cattle farming. Moreover, these techniques contribute to a significant increase in the profits of such farms. The experts also paid attention to the peculiarities of meat products presentation on the counter, as well as productively discussed methods of meat cutting and product quality growth. In particular, the world quality standards HACCP and HALAL, which ensure prevention of various hazards that may occur during slaughter and subsequent processing of cattle and cattle, were discussed.


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