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Samsung Unpacked event unveils Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip

Another "Samsung Unpacked" event, traditionally held by Samsung, was held in San Francisco on Tuesday. During the event, which lasted about an hour, the public was presented with new smartphones and gadgets.

Experienced in making foldable phones, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone. Preventing a leak, the company, which began selling the Galaxy Fold last September, began advertising the Galaxy Z Flip at the 92nd Academy Awards. On Valentine's Day, sales of the new foldable phone will launch for $1,380.

The Galaxy Z Flip is shaped similar to the Motorola Razr foldable phone that went on sale earlier this month in the United States. According to information provided at the event, the Galaxy Z Flip, when deployed, has a 6.7-inch display that can withstand 200,000 folds and unfolds.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S10 smartphone in 2019, still sticking to the sequence of numbers in model names. At the 2020 event, it broke that tradition by introducing the Galaxy S20. The new Galaxy family of smartphones, provided by the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra models, is expected to appear in retail outlets starting Feb. 6. The Galaxy S20 model will cost $999, the S20+ $1,199 and the S20 Ultra $1,399.

Based on the functions of the cameras placed in smartphones, it is obvious that Samsung paid special attention to it. The S20, with two 12-megapixel and one 64-megapixel camera on the back, remains the simplest of the new line of smartphones. The four-camera S20 Ultra, with 12, 108 and 48 megapixel lenses, is the most powerful of the company's previously released smartphones in terms of photography and video recording.

The Bud+ headphones were also unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event. The headphones, which can last up to 11 hours on a full battery charge, will be available starting Feb. 14 for $149.

According to Statcounter Global Stats in January, more than 63% users in Turkmenistan use Samsung phones. The number of Samsung users has surpassed 70% in Turkmenistan since models from the new Galaxy A and Galaxy S line entered the market last February.

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