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Turkmenistan's best riders performed at the festive races

On the occasion of the Akhal-Teke Holiday, the racing season started at the Lebap Horse Racing Complex. The event was attended by professionals from the capital and different parts of the country, guests, as well as numerous spectators.

The festive atmosphere was created by the performances of popular pop singers, bakhshi and dance groups. The concert was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the International Association of Akhalteke Horse Breeding and the 25th anniversary of neutrality.

The racing program of 8 races was opened by young riders. The stallion Dashgala (Akhalteke horse complex) was the best in the category of three-year-old horses. Winners were determined in each province. For example, the first horse in Ashgabat was Guliak, the horse representing the General Prosecutor's Office of the country.

The eighth race was held by senior riders, who are mentors for the younger generation. The winner in this category was the horse Perhat from Dashoguz Equestrian Complex. By order of the Head of State, his rider T. Dovulbaev was given a car.

The festival ended with a meeting attended by representatives of the "Türkmen atlary", the governor of Lebap velayat and the creative intelligentsia.


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