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The best etrap in Turkmenistan, which will receive the $1 million prize, has been named.

The results of the contest 2020 to determine the best district of our country were announced on February 12 at an enlarged government meeting.

By order of the Leader of the Turkmen Nation The winner was the etrap named after S. A. Niyazov in Dashoguz velayat. S.A. Niyazov of Dashoguz velayatwhich last year showed the highest achievements in the socio-economic and cultural spheres. As a reward the khakimlik of the mentioned district will receive a prize from the State Fund of Development of the Golden Century of Turkmenistan. $1 million.

The head of state also signed an order to hold a new contest-2021. The special commission, the composition of which was approved at the meeting, will determine the winner among the etraps. The next year's winner will also receive a cash prize of $1 million.


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