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Conditions for uninterrupted water supply in Turkmenistan were named

After the APWS water summit, the scientific expert A. Ilyasov gave analytical comments on the position of Turkmenistan in terms of implementing the strategy of regional water allocation with preservation of ecology and fulfilling the conditions of sustainable development.

The expert noted that 96% of the country's water resources are spent on the agricultural sector. To meet the needs for clean irrigation water, it is necessary to adhere to a number of conditions. The most important ones are to increase the technical level of irrigation systems through comprehensive reconstruction, reclamation works and improvement of land quality.

Improvements in water management, which allow for rationalization of water consumption, also play an important role.

The expert stressed that it is impossible to overestimate the need to preserve the Aral Sea. He noted that this problem has long ceased to have a purely local character.

Works on digitalization of the water management system in accordance with the concept of ecological sustainable development are of no small importance.



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