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New Year adventures of the tolai hare in the mountains of Kopetdag Turkmenistan

Charming tolai hare was recorded in the mountains of the Kopetdag Reserve. As scientists note, this species is larger than the sandbar and can be found in riparian areas, near rivers, lakes and in the Karakum desert, as well as in the mountains up to 2.5 thousand meters above sea level.

Environmentalists shared with journalists interesting stories that happened to them during their expeditions. For example, Kadyr Annakuliev recalls how once at an abandoned gravel pit (not far from Govshut village), scientists watched the little hares playing with the foxes. The children's merry play was interrupted by an adult hare, which chased the foxes away. There were cases, when the expedition bivouac became a place of refuge for hares from predators.

To the decline in the number of tolai The species' habitat is also damaged by human activities. Human activities can also damage the natural habitats of the species.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan

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