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A new textile complex in Turkmenistan will be equipped with innovative equipment

A new textile complex in Turkmenistan will be equipped with innovative equipment

For the first time in the history of Turkmenistan, the textile complex will be equipped with innovative mechanisms made in Switzerland. It is about the Kaahki textile complex, which is being built by Cotam Enterprises Ltd (Turkey). For instance, the spinning shop of the enterprise was equipped with 13 compact spinning machines K 46 Rieter.

The manufacturer of these innovative mechanisms is a well-known company from Switzerland. Such equipment has never been used in the textile sector of Turkmenistan before. Innovative equipment will make it possible to produce high-quality yarn characterized by high strength. Mechanisms of the brand have a list of other indisputable advantages. Their manufacturers were able to achieve such a result, using a sieve drum and air guide element Detect. Such an innovative solution allowed to optimize the costs of yarn production, providing excellent quality with low energy consumption. It is important to note that the K 46 Rieter compact spinning machines need only 20% of the energy required by any other comparable machine.

The quality properties of compact yarns produced at K 46 Rieter are far superior to those of standard yarns. The latest yarn variety is ideal for the production of bedding, knitwear, hosiery and hosiery of excellent quality. It can also be used to produce fabric for sewing men's shirts.

It is expected that the capacity of Kaahki textile complex will allow processing up to 5 thousand tons of fine-fiber cotton annually. The enterprise will implement a full technological cycle. It will not only process cotton fibers, but also produce finished products. The complex will also include departments for yarn, weaving, dyeing and sewing.

It is planned that the complex will produce 3.650 thousand tons of compact yarn, 12 million square meters of yarn fabric, 10 million square meters of dyed fabric, 1.2 million ready-made garments.

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