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About 100,000 MBM filters will be exported to Kazakhstan and Afghanistan

The Turkmen company Täjir ýoly, which produces auto parts, reported plans to export about 100,000 MBM filters to Kazakh and Afghan partners. MBM filters for cars.

In 2018, this The production of MBM fuel and oil filters was launched in 2018, and in 2019 - air filters of the same brand. V. Khalymov, who heads the workshop, told about Täjir ýoly team's success: in 1.5 years they managed to increase the volume of In 1.5 years they managed to increase the volume of output in 6 times, about 0.5 million pieces were sent for sale to retail outlets. about 0.5 million units. Customers are offered 32 types of oil and fuel MBM oil and fuel filters that are made of different types of iron and filter paper. paper.

At the moment The Turkmen filter manufacturer MBM only produces products for passenger cars. cars only. At the same time, according to V. Khalymov, the price of the product is 3 times lower than that of similar versions of foreign firms. In order to study the experience needed to to set up the production of filters for trucks, Täjir ýoly experts were to Japan, Turkey and Iran.

Note that the company "Täjir ýoly" participated in the Caspian exhibition of innovative technologies, held at the I Caspian Economic Forum.


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