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The Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan discussed the early commissioning of wells at the Vozrozhdeniye field

Turkmenistan's energy resources are the country's wealth. At a regular meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers, President Berdymukhamedov heard a report from the chairman on the need to modernize the fuel and energy complex as soon as possible.

The country has taken unprecedented measures to commission wells at the Vozrozhdeniye gas field as soon as possible. This will make it possible to rapidly increase natural gas production. Wells of increased complexity have been drilled at this field since last year. Early commissioning is a task of paramount importance.

The design capacity of the Vozrozhdeniye field has not yet been reached, but gas production from new wells will make it possible to achieve this in a short time.

The role of the fuel and energy sector in the development of all sectors of the national economy cannot be overestimated. The realization of the country's powerful potential will allow for a radical transformation in many sectors of the economy.



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