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The weather in Turkmenistan is characterized by temperature fluctuations and light rains

The weather in Turkmenistan this week is characterized by significant daily temperature variations and light rains. According to forecasters, the country will be mostly cloudy with infrequent lightening.

Ashgabat and Akhal velayat will be cloudy until Wednesday. During the same period the thermometers may rise to +10+12°С. On Thursday, it will warm up sharply to +16оС. But on Friday the temperature will drop again - to +11°С. Rains are also expected - the volume of precipitation could reach 2.8 mm. Saturday will be warm to +14°C, but Sunday will disappoint with a cold snap to +7°С. Even wet snow is possible! In the capital overnight temperatures will be within -1+1°C, and in Akhal velayat - 0+5°С.

Wednesday will be cooler in Balkan velayat - up to +12°С. On Thursday, it will warm up sharply again and the Balkans will be able to rejoice in temperatures of +17°С. Friday and Saturday will again bring a cold snap to +11°С. Rains are also expected on the fifth day of the week. Sunday is forecast to be rainy as well. In addition to temperatures of +7°C, about 2.4 mm of precipitation could fall in the region. Fogs are also expected. Overnight thermometers will show +1+6°C, and on the coast - +3+8°С.

The coldest region of Turkmenistan, Dashoguz province, has again remained true to itself. In the period until Saturday, the temperature will fluctuate between +5+7°С. Precipitation is also expected - up to 3.6 mm, and on Friday also wind, gusts of which will reach 15 m/s. On the last day of the week, the temperature will drop to +4°С. At night the thermometers may fall to -7°С.

Temperature rises to +17 in Mary province since Tuesday°C - and it will last until Thursday. On Friday and Saturday it will be a little cooler to +15°С. Precipitation is also forecast, which could reach 4.6 mm. On Sunday it will be even colder - up to +11°C, and there is also the possibility of light rain. On weekdays it will be +1+6 at night°C, and over the weekend it will get colder -2+3°С.

Forecasts of +12+14 in Lebap velayat through Thursday°С. Friday's precipitation (7.5 mm) will not be a reason to lower the temperature either - thermometers on this day will show +16°С. But on Saturday, the Lebapians are expecting a sharp cold snap - up to +10°C and rain. On Sunday it will be overcast, and the air will warm up only to +12°С. It will be -3 at night.°C to +6°С.

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