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President of Turkmenistan instructed to extinguish the "Shining Karakum"

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, during a government meeting, ordered to extinguish the burning gas crater "Shining Karakum". The reason for this decision was the harm that burning gas causes to the environment and human health.

The sight, which is popular among tourists, is located in the Darwaza region, in Dashoguz province of the country. Locals and foreign guests call the crater "Darvaza", and in foreign tourist guides it is listed as "Gates of Hell". Initially, there was a drilling rig. But in 1971, during drilling there was a collapse and the rig fell into the underground voids, and the resulting crater was about 79 meters in diameter. Eventually, geologists decided to set fire to the escaping toxic gases to avoid an environmental disaster. The fire was supposed to go out after a few weeks, but it has been burning for half a century.

Discussing this issue at a Cabinet of Ministers meeting with Vice Prime Minister Shakhim Abdrakhmanov, who is responsible for Turkmenistan's oil and gas sector, the Turkmen leader noted that the burning of "blue fuel" increases the greenhouse effect, which provokes global warming. In addition, it wastes a valuable resource for the country, which could increase the export potential of the oil and gas sector and improve the well-being of Turkmen citizens. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov tasked the deputy prime minister to develop and implement effective measures to extinguish the crater and the subsequent effective use of the gas available there. The President ordered the best scientists, both local and foreign, to be involved in this work.



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