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President of Turkmenistan paid a working visit to Mary province

On February 28, 2020 the President of The President of Turkmenistan arrived in Mary province on a one-day working visit. First of all Arkadag primarily visited the region's main mosque, the Gurbanguly Haji Mosque, built with his support in 2009. Money for the mosque's construction was allocated from the president's charitable fund. In gratitude for the leader's response The mosque was named Gurbanguly Haji in gratitude for the nation's leader's response to the prayers of the faithful.

The temple complex was erected in The best traditions of Turkmen national architecture and today is an ornament of Mary. During 2018, the mosque was undergoing The mosque was renovated in a new look in 2018.

During his working visit to Mary Turkmen leader was accompanied by the Chairman of the Parliament, deputy heads of the The Chairman of the Parliament, Deputy Ministers, and the Governor of Mary velayat also accompanied the Turkmen leader during his working visit to Mary. On the eve of the visit. "Garbanguli Hajji, the head of state held a meeting with the elders, appreciating their important role in preserving the spiritual heritage of the Turkmen nation.


The president then visited the mosque, where Mufti of the state recited a prayer for the welfare and tranquility of the people of Turkmenistan. Then

On February 28, 2020, the President familiarized himself with the features of the temple complex, and gave a sadaqa for the prosperity and welfare of his native country, and in memory of the former imam of the Mary mosque Shamyrada-aga.

After visiting Gurbanguly Hajji, the leader of the Turkmen nation held an off-site government meeting. Reports of the governors of the provinces were heard and corresponding instructions were given, and the country's deputy prime ministers discussed urgent tasks of the state activity. The President focused on preparations for the next government meeting, as well as the celebrations of the milestone events. The head of state also gave instructions regarding the social, scientific, and economic spheres of life in the country.


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