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"Superfood on the shelves of Turkmenistan

A new type of product, microgreens, has appeared on the shelves of Turkmenistan.

Microgreens or microgreens are young greens that are no taller than 5 cm.

Microgreens differ from adult greens in that they contain 40 times more useful substances. Shoots of microgreens are harvested as early as 5-12 days after sowing. It is during this period they contain the maximum concentration of vitamins and minerals. The composition of nutrients depends on the variety of greens, but as a rule, all shoots are rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper.

Also, studies show that this product is high in antioxidants. This means that they can help prevent a number of common diseases.

"Superfood" can be consumed both raw and added to prepared dishes.

On the shelves of the supermarket chain "Kamil" you can find a wide range of this new product for Turkmenistan: microgreens mustard, watercress, broccoli, chives, arugula, sunflower, coriander, daikon, baby spinach, etc.

The cost of 50 grams of microgreens sunflower - 10 manat 80 tenge, pack of cress 30 grams - 10 manat 80 tenge, 15 grams of arugula shoots - 14 manat 90 tenge

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