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A publicist told about the ancient city of Sarakhs in present-day Turkmenistan

Serdar Akiniyazov, a well-known art publicist, spoke about the cultural and historical monuments, crafts and other interesting features of the ancient city of Sarakhs. This settlement was the largest trade center located on the Great Silk Road, connecting the countries of the West and the East.

Sarakhs had a special fame during the period of 10-12 centuries, when it was a part of the Turkmen state of the Great Seljuks. The publicist focused his attention on the art of the Sarakh master builders, who created a unique school of architecture known throughout the world.

The mausoleum of a Turkmen saint, popularly known as Sarakhs-baba, is among the iconic monuments of architecture that have survived to the present day. Akinyazov told about the first descriptions of the mausoleum by Europeans, and emphasized its original architecture that combines simplicity, harmony of proportions and compositional purity of the structure. It is not by chance that Sarakhs-baba mausoleum is included in the list of the brightest examples of the medieval architecture of Turkmenistan.




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