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Turkmenistan Championship in tennis was held in Ashgabat

In the capital of our state on the courts of the multifunctional stadium "Ashgabat" the championship of Turkmenistan in tennis was held. The tournament was held from February 15 to 22.

Atlymurad Gurbanov became the champion of Turkmenistan in men's singles. Yuri Rogussky was one step away from the cherished medal. Hadjimurad Charyyev finished the top three.

In women's singles Arzuv Klycheva made her debut championship. Anastasia Azimbaeva won the silver medal. Third place went to Rozhan Karadzhaeva.

The duo of Atlymurad Gurbanov - Gurbangeldy Sahedov was stronger than the others in the men's doubles. The pair of Anastasia Azimbayeva and Guljan Muhammedguliyeva left no chance for their rivals in the women's doubles and won the final match as a result.

The winners of the past championship will be included in the national tennis team, which will play in the upcoming Davis Cup. The host of the upcoming tournament will be Ashgabat. The championship is planned to be held in the summer of 2020.

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