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The Russian Federation and Turkmenistan expand health cooperation in the context of the pandemic

Russia and Turkmenistan, being friendly to each other, base their multipurpose policy on concern for increasing the material well-being of their citizens. However, it is not the only thing they have in common. They have already established effective cooperation in a number of areas, and the formation of new business ties in different areas of the economy and social policy continues. This topic is disclosed in the article of the head of the Turkmen Union of Economists and representative of the Coordinating Council of the International Union of Economists, expert Yuri Aronsky. The expert stressed that the leaders of both friendly countries base their policy on the comprehensive care of their fellow citizens.

The past year, in spite of the global pandemic, was also quite productive. The spheres of mutual interests and vectors of mutual cooperation have been more precisely outlined due to uninterrupted interstate contacts.

The degree of development of the health care system is one of the first markers of the standard of living of the population in any state. It is in this area that the key prerequisites that give state activity a humanistic definition are found.

For example, Turkmenistan officially registered the Sputnik V vaccine developed by researchers at the Gamaleya Research Center with assistance from the Russian Direct Investment Fund on January 18 of last year. Turkmenistan is thus the first Central Asian country to approve the use of this vaccine to vaccinate its citizens. The country is also one of the top ten countries where Sputnik V has been registered. And it took just a few days to register the second Russian-made antiviral drug.



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