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Chess players from Turkmenistan meet for the first time in an online tournament

This was the first time Turkmen chess players faced off online. The blitz tournament for the Chess Federation Cup this time allowed more than half a hundred players from all regions of the country to demonstrate their skills. The contest was held on a well-known Internet server for chess players.

The winners were announced according to the results of 18 rounds. In first place was Grandmaster Muscat Atabayev. Second place went to Saparmurad Atabayev - Master (FIDE). And the third position was taken by candidate master of sports Shahrukh Turaev. The past competition is a preparatory stage on the way to the upcoming Blitz Championship of Turkmenistan.

Modern chess players have been playing mostly online tournaments lately. But even if an athlete plays in a home environment, he is quite capable of demonstrating excellent results. A vivid example of this is the victory of 17-year-old Turkmenistan's prize-winner Allayar Shiryaev over vice-champion in blitz, US citizen Gata Kamsky.

As noted by experienced chess players and referees, the quality of play does not depend on whether the chess players play face-to-face tournaments or are separated by a computer monitor. The same athletes, who showed excellent results in the standard game, confirmed their results in the online game. The last contest was not an easy one. Athletes, who connected to the Internet server, played both from home and from the grounds of specialized schools. The vast majority of chess players were from Ashgabat. The youngest participant was Aylar Mamedova, only 8 years old. The oldest chess player was the representative of the city of Mary, who reached the age of 67 at the time of the tournament.

A specialized chess and draughts school has been operating in the capital of Turkmenistan since 2014. Its students have repeatedly become winners in various competitions, representing their native country in significant international tournaments. Any Turkmenistani citizen from the age of 6 can become a student of this school to develop his skills and improve his mastery.

According to teachers, chess allows children to develop strategic thinking. Children learn to think through their actions, to plan and foresee, which later will be very useful to them in everyday life.


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