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Representatives of the Foreign Ministries of Central Asia and Russia meet

The deputy head of the Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in a meeting of representatives of foreign ministries of Central Asian states (CA) and Russia, which was held on May 21, 2020 in the format of a video conference. The participants discussed the agenda of the forthcoming third meeting of representatives of the ministries. It will be held according to the formula of CA5+Russia.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the foreign ministries of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. The participants of the meeting focused on strengthening and coordination of cooperation between the states of the Central Asian region and Russia with the international community in counteracting the spread of COVID-19. The representative of Turkmenistan stated the need for a comprehensive discussion of this issue, exchanging views and developing coordinated steps. This will contribute to successful counteraction to the existing threat. Turkmenistan also noted that Turkmenistan took timely steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in its territory. In formulating a set of effective measures, the country relied on the recommendations of the WHO and other international agencies, as well as on its own experience.

At the end of the discussion on this issue, diplomats emphasized the important role of partnership and mutual assistance between the states of Central Asia and Russia during the pandemic. This will not only help overcome the negative socio-economic consequences and alleviate the situation of citizens in the current force majeure situation.

During the meeting, the diplomats also touched on issues of regional stability and security, in particular they discussed the situation in Afghanistan. A representative of Turkmenistan's Foreign Ministry voiced President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov's initiatives on the speedy restoration of transport communication in the region and the world, unblocking of transit corridors, the need to find new ways of communication and inclusive use of effective structures of scientific diplomacy.

In discussing the issue, diplomats agreed on the need to intensify current global and regional routes of communication.

In an exchange of views on the situation in Afghanistan, representatives of foreign ministries noted the need to use only those approaches to resolving the situation that would be acceptable to all countries in the region.


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