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Women's Health Helpline launched in Turkmenistan

The British Embassy told Arzuw about the launch of a new joint project with the Turkmen office of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the public organization Keyik Okara.

It's about hotlinewhere girls and women, as well as couples, can get professional counseling in the field of health, reproductive rights in a pandemic.

Counseling at +993-12-229389 is anonymous, anyone can get an answer to their questions about family planning, safe pregnancy and childbirth, stopping domestic violence, and staying healthy from 10 to 16 on weekdays.

UNFPA is actively working with the Turkmen authorities to promote women's reproductive health and prevent gender-based violence. A new project aims to provide quality support to the female population and collect information on pain points that require the introduction of new social services.


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