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The School of Business Angels in Central Asia invites Turkmen entrepreneurs for training

Entrepreneurs from Turkmenistan are invited to attend the Central Asian distance learning business angel school. Experienced specialists will teach businessmen to invest in profitable startups as co-founders.

The trainings will begin on November 21. Classes will be held in Russian, 2-3 hours a day. You can apply to the online school until November 15. The organizer is MOST business incubator together with UMAY club.

At the lessons, businessmen will learn how to assess the prospects and potential profitability of new projects, how to make profitable deals and earn on investments. The trainers of the course are experts of the Angel Club and guest speakers with successful experience of investing in innovations.

The school offers participants the opportunity to become part of an advanced business community and provides access to ready-made startup presentations that allow them to hone their skills in practice.


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