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Turkmen entrepreneurs got 21 times more income from grain exports

Turkmen entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture have managed to earn high incomes from crops.

Last year, the total value of grain exported by Turkmen entrepreneurs was nearly $6 million.

According to the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, more than 9 thousand tons of grain were exported in 2019. In 2018, this figure was about 1.4 thousand tons, which brought almost 270 thousand U.S. dollars of income. According to data from the last two years, there has been a nearly 7-fold increase in exports and a nearly 21-fold increase in revenues.

Cereals ranked second after tomatoes in the list of exported agricultural commodities.

In total, SPPT member entrepreneurs exported agricultural products worth 39 million U.S. dollars to foreign countries in 2019. The total volume of exports of agricultural goods amounted to almost 40 thousand tons. In 2018, the figure was more than 22 thousand tons with a total value of 20 million U.S. dollars. And in 2017, more than 9.5 thousand tons of agricultural products were exported and almost 10 million dollars of income was received.

The aforementioned figures are proof that since 2017, Turkmen entrepreneurs have been doubling the volume of agricultural exports and the income they receive every year.

In the list of exported agricultural products last year, tomatoes and cereals are followed by melons and gourds. In 2019, almost 5 thousand tons of these crops were exported and 3 million dollars of income was received. Compared to 2018, the volume of exports of gourmet crops and the income received have tripled.

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