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Turkmen developers have created a domestic Smart House

Students of Oguzkhan Engineering and Technological University in practice implemented their own project of digitalization of housing Smart House, equipping some apartments in new buildings of Ashgabat with intelligent systems. It should also be noted that this project involved domestic rather than foreign developments.

Apartment owners with a Smart Home system will be able to control all appliances via smartphone or by giving voice commands. The stability of all processes, as well as information about the characteristics of all controlled devices is achieved through the use of specially developed software.

The Smart Home system allows you to control heating, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation and security. The cell phone of the owner of such housing receives SMS and MMS messages, calls and voice signals when executing any commands. Additionally, it is possible to set up the receipt of photos and videos, allowing you to always be aware of what is happening in the room in the absence of the owner, and even to organize online video surveillance.

The work of the "smart house" is based on the principle of executing certain commands. And they can come to the central controller both from a person and from sensors. In the first case, the owner can ask the system to reduce the heating or turn off the air conditioner - and the central processor, after processing the command, forwards it to a certain device. In the second option, the desired action is performed without human involvement. The computer either performs the necessary actions according to the set algorithm, or makes decisions independently, based on the readings of sensors.

A lot of attention in the development of the Smart House project is paid to ensuring the safety of the homeowner. In some cases, the system is even able to neutralize some emergency situations, alerting the owner of the apartment. So far, it concerns prevention of gas and water leaks, electrical faults, smoke and flooding, but in the future it is planned to install devices to control seismic activity.

According to the developers, the Smart House system provides significant savings in energy consumption, and allows remote control of electric and gas stove, air conditioning, ventilation and other devices, to achieve automation of a number of processes.


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