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Turkmenistan and Afghanistan discuss real progress in joint railway projects

Türkmendemirýollary representatives talked with their Afghan counterparts from the Ministry of Transport's Railway Directorate. A key subject of the talks was the progress of the installation of the Aqina-Andkhoy and Turgundi-Herat railway segments.

The parties were unanimous that the real implementation of transport projects is one of the key guarantees of Afghanistan's political and economic stability.

The construction contract for the development of 30 km of Aqina-Andkhoy railroad line (gross value - $21 million) was signed a year ago - in September 2019. Turkmen contractors have assembled more than 17 km of railway line, and subcontractors have performed excavation work on 16 km of the line.

Representatives of railroad administrations discussed the prospect of extending the line to Tajikistan, with the possibility of access to the Asia-Pacific region, which would make it possible to connect the line with Lapis Lazuli.

The contract for the construction of 173 km of the Turgundi-Herat railway was signed in June 2019, and 6 km of excavation work from Serhetabat to the Afghan border was completed on Turkmen territory.


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