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Turkmenistan refuses to import iron ore

Turkmenistan fully refused to import iron ore thanks to a new way of enriching it, developed by domestic scientists. The State Service for Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Economy of Turkmenistan awarded a group of scientists Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan patent no. 836. Turkmen chemists have developed and implemented A new way to enrich iron orewhich turned out to be not only simple, but also effective. Now it is successfully used at domestic enterprises of the cement industry. The raw materials used are iron-containing ore, mined at Kyzylkala field. It is crushed to a certain size and then repeatedly moistened with water to separate the colloidal particles. This is what makes it possible to increase the percentage of iron oxide.

For the first time, Turkmen chemical scientists carried out such an experiment with raw materials extracted in their native country. Through this method, the content of in the ore mass of iron oxide reaches 40%which makes it a suitable ingredient for cement production.

Also Scientists at the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences in concert with Turkmengeologiya State Corporation The extraction of iron-containing raw materials in the Chagil deposit.

Previously this type of raw material was purchased from foreign partners. The discovery of an effective enrichment method now will allow Turkmenistan to completely stop importing iron ore from abroad and save several million American dollars.


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