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New Drinking Water Fields Discovered in Turkmenistan

Hydrogeologists have not found any areas Turkmenistan several new drinking water deposits. Specialists of the Turkmen water sector consider these discoveries as a significant part of the activities aimed at extraction of additional volumes of water resources.

The territory of Turkmenistan is characterized by difficult hydro-geological conditions - 2/3 of it has no river flows, and only limited areas can boast of fresh groundwater. There are similar territories in Kopetdag, Koytendag and Bolshoi Balkhan - The formation of resources here is carried out due to atmospheric precipitation, and in river valley areas due to channel losses.

Dashoguz expedition Turkmengeologiya State Corporation discovered this year In Dashoguz province, the Çopanýap and Çagatýap fieldslocated in the territory of Gurbansoltan Eje (Uchkepderi Square) и Gubadag (Dostluk Square). According to Turkmen hydrogeologists, these fields will further contribute to the provision of high quality drinking water such localities as Ak-Altyn, Akzyberlik, Bashdesh, Gumly, Dostluk and Sharlauk.

Theories about the presence of freshwater deposits on the territory of Balkhan and Kopetdag, where the formation of resources occurs due to underground flow, have also found confirmation. Specialists Balkanabad Hydrogeological Expedition In the territory of the Balkan Velayat two deposits were also discovered - "Çukur" (Serdar etrap) и "Arçaly" (Makhtumkuli etrap). In the first case high-quality drinking water will be able to meet the need of such settlements like Hajigala, Chukur, Bendesen, Adjidereand in the second - will provide drinking water to the population Daina, Kone-Kesir and Chukur-Yurt settlements.


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