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Turkmenistan discussed climate change with foreign partners

Delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan and the National Academy of Sciences participated in a meeting of the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee. The event takes place in the format of an online conference from 17-20 November. The meeting was organized by the Secretariat of the Framework Convention (Bonn, Germany) and was devoted to the importance of modern technology in combating climate change.

Turkmenistan tirelessly confirms its readiness to participate actively in solving urgent issues of combating climate change. In particular, Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has put forward a number of important initiatives in this area. Among them is the establishment of the Regional Center on Technologies Contributing to Combating Climate Change in the Turkmen capital with the support of the UN.

The Framework Convention, which entered into force on March 21, 1994, promotes concerted action against climate change. It is now one of the significant threats to the existence of mankind. The UNFCCC is now signed by 197 countries. The Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement are the world's most important legal acts in this area, adopted in the development of the provisions of the Convention in the last century. Their purpose is to stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and reduce the influence of the anthropogenic factor on the Earth's climate.

In 2012, our country adopted the National Strategy on Climate Change. And in September 2019, its new version was approved, launching the next stage of the transition of the country's main production facilities to new parameters, taking into account environmental safety.

Today Turkmenistan plays a key role in the Central Asian region, effectively participating in a number of relevant regional and global programs. And the National Strategy on Climate Change, initiated by the Leader of the Turkmen Nation, creates a solid foundation for the development of measures to adapt all key areas of the country's economy to climate change. In this regard, of particular importance are high-tech industries and "green economy", the creation of optimal conditions for the development of which will contribute to the proper functioning of the infrastructure of the state life.

The environmental policy implemented by the Turkmen leader is not limited to a technocratic approach. An important role is given to spiritual and moral education of the society, development of a responsible attitude to natural resources and the environment.


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