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Parliamentarians talked about access to health care

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) organized a webinar, the key topic of which was the discussion of access to health services for the population in the context of the global pandemic. Best parliamentary practices in this area were also discussed. The webinar was also attended by representatives of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan.

The Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has repeatedly emphasized the special role of consolidated and mutually coordinated actions of all states in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic - its spread and consequences. It is medical diplomacy that is central to achieving this task - it will make international cooperation in this area more intensive and fruitful.

The key issues on the agenda of the online forum were activities aimed at the implementation of the resolution adopted by the IPU. It sets out the main directions for achieving universal health coverage by 2030. It also examined the role of parliaments in ensuring that people realize their constitutional right to health.

Participants of the event discussed the positive experience of states in the field of health care, where the population is ensured the observance of relevant rights. The role of national parliaments in solving this problem, providing an appropriate legislative basis was also defined. Not only the level of quality of medical care under the threat of COVID-19, but also in general preparedness for emergencies was assessed.

The success Turkmenistan has achieved in this segment is noted separately. Health protection of Turkmenistan citizens is one of the key objectives of the government. In this context, not only the legislative and material and technical base is being improved in the country, but innovative methods and technologies are being introduced. An important role is given to involving the population in sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Turkmenistan actively develops cooperation with international organizations active in the sphere of health protection. The state actively undertakes initiatives aimed at developing and strengthening partnerships at the regional and global levels to address pressing issues of our time.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants noted that inter-parliamentary cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of lawmaking should be continued.


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