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Turkmenistanis will participate in the Taekwondo World Cup in Minsk

Team Turkmenistan will participate in the open CIS Cup - ITF Taekwondo World Cup 2022 in Minsk.
The Turkmen team is represented at the competition by 13 athletes.
Turkmen taekwondists, led by Aidogdy Atabayev, will take part in these competitions. Maksat Babayev, who will be in Minsk as a member of the Turkmen delegation, will judge the matches of the tournament. The Turkmen team is led by Gaisyz Atabaev of the National Taekwondo Federation (ITF).
On Thursday, a weigh-in was held for the competitors. Athletes from more than 30 countries will compete. The tournament will continue until December 11.

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