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Turkmen delegation takes part in meeting of International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea

A meeting of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea, held in the capital of Tajikistan, was devoted to the problem of saving the Aral Sea.

The representative forum brought together all those interested in solving this issue and implementing joint environmental projects as soon as possible. Representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic, a delegation from Turkmenistan, and employees of embassies of other Central Asian countries took part in the discussion.

The working group on saving the Aral Sea, established under IFAS, reported to the audience on the completion of part of the project, and also informed about the adjustment of the organizational structure of the Fund.

Delegates from Turkmenistan expressed their approval of IFAS policy on improving ways of interaction on environmental, social and economic policy issues. Turkmen authorities pay great attention to competent water use in the Aral Sea basin. Solution of issue requires not only regional but also global consideration of Aral Sea problem consequences. Timely decision on necessity of permanent accounting and control of water resources in the Aral Sea basin while using innovative equipment was made.



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