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Turkmenistan's women's participation in public affairs will increase

Turkmenistan plans to actively involve women in the management of public affairs in order to strengthen gender equality. This announcement was made by Mr. A. Pupols, Human Rights Advisor at the UNRCCA.

He noted the importance of the fact that the head of parliament in Turkmenistan is a woman. In his opinion, this is an indicator of attention to gender equality at the highest level of government. Statistics show that at the end of last year women made up about a quarter of Turkmenistan's deputies.

Mr. Pupols emphasized that there is active cooperation between UNRCCA and Turkmenistan, particularly in terms of creating a special platform that would be the basis for strengthening women's role in the socio-political life of the country. In this direction, a project is already being implemented to involve women holding key positions in Central Asia into a single network.

Turkmenistan also plans to participate in a number of other UNRCCA projects related to the involvement of women in the conservation of depleting water resources and global topics such as counterterrorism.


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