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Scientist from Turkmenistan talks about the prospects of hydrogen as a fuel of the future

Scientist from Turkmenistan talks about the prospects of hydrogen as a fuel of the future

Turkmenistan has all opportunities to develop the industrial production of hydrogen, which is considered by many to be the fuel of the future. In particular, the head of Turkmenistan stated about the prospects of hydrogen. Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov proposed to develop a roadmap for the popularization of this gas. Talking about the peculiarities of hydrogen, Scientific expert of the editorial board of, Dr. Allaberdy Ilyasov, in his article assessed the potential for the development of hydrogen energy as well.

Hydrogen is an environmentally friendly and economical fuel

It was noted that at the moment hydrogen is used mainly in oil refining and the chemical industry, where it is used to produce, for example, ammonia.

Despite the fact that this gas is one of the most widespread on the earth, it cannot boast of great demand. However, there is a gradual interest in it as an energy carrier, because it can be used to form integrated open energy systems that fully meet the key requirements of environmental safety and energy.

There are several ways to produce hydrogen. The most popular today is from natural gas. Given that Turkmenistan has huge reserves of "blue fuel," the country has every chance to establish the production of hydrogen on an industrial scale.

Hydrogen is a profitable alternative to natural gas and coal

According to calculations, by 2030 hydrogen will already be a serious competitor to coal and natural gas as an energy source for steelmaking. And its price will be about $2 per 1 kg. By 2050 the price per kilogram of hydrogen will decrease by another half - and then it will overtake natural gas in the global markets and will compete with the cheapest coal. Already today, it is hydrogen that can be called the most efficient way to form long-term energy storage.

Turkmenistan's energy strategy

Development of the oil and gas sector in Turkmenistan is one of the priorities of state activity. The corresponding Program until 2030 provides for a number of steps in this direction. Turkmenistan plans to implement a number of large-scale investment projects to produce products characterized by high competitiveness in world markets. The country intends to further develop hydrogen production, making this process carbon-free. Turkmenistan will also prepare for large-scale storage of this gas and its transportation over many kilometers - both in pipelines and tankers.



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