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Vaccination procedure for those wishing to rest in Avaza has been made public in Turkmenistan

Vaccination procedure for those wishing to rest in Avaza has been made public in Turkmenistan

The vaccination procedure for those wishing to rest in the national tourist zone of Turkmenistan "Avaza" has been made public. There are a number of locations in Turkmenistan where vaccination against COVID-19 is carried out.

Gulshat Hatamova, head of the Family Doctors Department at Turkmenabat Health Center No. 5, told in detail about the order of paperwork and vaccination for those who wish to go on vacation. She noted that the relevant ministry is responsible for receiving vouchers for working citizens. The voucher is issued for both departmental and other hotels. Citizens who are temporarily unemployed receive a voucher by applying to the regional administration. You should come to the relevant department with a document proving your identity. In this case, citizens will be directed to the Lebap recreation and health center. Vouchers are issued 10 days before departure to the NTZ "Avaza".

The doctor reminded about the existing Order of recreation in the tourist zone. According to it, everyone who intends to go on vacation in the NTZ "Avaza" is obliged to get a vaccination against COVID-19. You can do it in the place of residence or in Turkmenabat (in this case, the place of residence does not play a role). But, if the vaccination took place in the velayat center, then after 21 days you also have to go there for the second dose of vaccine. The specialist explained that already the first dose of vaccine is enough to go to the center - a citizen will have the necessary certificate. The document should be provided both at the checkpoints and hotels and during the next trips to NTZ of Turkmenistan "Avaza".

Before the vaccination, the immunologist has to measure the citizen's heartbeat, blood pressure, and temperature. If everything is normal, permission to vaccinate is given.

Children's vouchers are provided by the appropriate health homes.

In Turkmenistan, citizens who are at least 18 years old are vaccinated against COVID-19. Those going to sanatoriums and recreation centers are tested for COVID-19 72 hours before departure. The diagnosis obtained from the test is enclosed with the rest of the documents required for the holiday.

When going to the Avaza NTZ, you should also take a COVID-19 test 72 hours in advance. It can be done at the Velayat Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, and those who choose to use rail transport can be tested at the Turkmenabat railway station.

Dr. Khatamova also reminded of other precautionary measures - wearing a mask at all times, keeping a prescribed distance, observing the rules of personal hygiene, strictly following the requirements of doctors and other specialists in the territory of temporary stay.

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Photo: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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