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USAID will develop entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan

Today marks the launch of the Turkmenistan Business and Entrepreneurship Development Project, created by USAID, the United States Agency for International Development. The USAID-Turkmenistan Business and Entrepreneurship Development Project, created by the U.S. Agency for International Development, is launched today. В The launch event was attended by 30 company representatives.

Opening the meeting on this Opening the meeting, U.S. Ambassador to Turkmenistan Matthew C. Klimow emphasized that the goal of the Project is to help The project is designed to help Turkmen companies build business cooperation with Central Asian countries and international partners, including the United States, as well as attract foreign investment. partners, including American partners, as well as attracting foreign investments.

It is expected that USAID participation will help create the environment necessary for business development and to obtain the investment that will ensure the steady growth of companies. As as a consequence, sales and exports are expected to grow in priority areas of the economy, entry of entrepreneurs into fast-growing markets.

The meeting also discussed the current topics of improving the skills and competencies of Turkmenistan's specialists. USAID promised to organize trainings, particularly for young people and women, who want to raise their status on the labor market.

Note that USAID is the leading international agency dedicated to The USAID is the leading international agency dedicated to ensuring the sustainable development of the beneficiary countries.

More information about the activities of the organization online, в FB.

The Entrepreneurship Development and Business Environment Project can be found at FB.


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