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Activists in Ashgabat recycled 90 tons of plastic

UNDP representative in Turkmenistan Narine Sahakyan reported that a pilot project on sorting and recycling of plastic garbage was launched at the initiative of the Turkmen Nature Conservation Society. This event is fundamental for taking care of the future of our planet.

The UNDP Association introduces Turkmen specialists to generally accepted world ecological standards in the field of construction. Currently, negotiations are underway to develop eco-standards for hotels and hotels.

Narine Sahakyan spoke about the development of the 4th National Communication of Turkmenistan on climate change and the report of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. So far, the document is at the development stage. Relevant ministries and agencies are involved in its preparation, including the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, which plans to introduce information on climate change and ecology into the educational process of schools.

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