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President of Turkmenistan congratulates citizens on Turkmen Alabai Day

While congratulating his fellow citizens, the president of Turkmenistan said that local dog breeders are doing an excellent job, ensuring the preservation of purity of the breed and increasing the number of purebred dogs. Serdar Berdymukhamedov stressed that the Turkmen Alabai is steadily growing in popularity worldwide.

In his speech, the president mentioned the importance of developing dog breeding centers and increasing their number around the country. He emphasized that the effective work of the International Turkmen Alabai Association will help reach new frontiers of cooperation with colleagues from other countries.

Ancient Turkmen considered the dog a sacred animal. The Turkmen Alabai is the pride of the Turkmen people. The large breed is distinguished by excellent posture, loyalty and faithfulness, fearlessness and steadfastness. It is not surprising that it has won the sympathy all over the world.

The Turkmen Alabai holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday of October.



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