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Music from The Magnificent Century will be played in Ashgabat

On October 28, the Juma Gallery in Ashgabat will host an evening of Turkish music. The stage will be taken by N. Yuldasheva (soprano), B. Moshyev (tenor), N. Mashirikov (baritone) and S. Naubatova (piano). Talented vocalists will perform familiar compositions in Turkish.

The "highlight" of the creative evening will be a performance by famous violinist Hasan Mamedov. The honored artist of Turkmenistan will play at the concert stage of the gallery compositions from the "Magnificent Century" series, which the Turkmen audience loved. The musician will immerse guests in the atmosphere of luxury and beauty of the East.

As you know, three composers wrote music for the film, one of whom, Fahir Atakoglu, was the most famous at the time of the series' release. He is not only a composer, but also a pianist, winner of music festivals in Europe and the USA. Fahir writes music for films and tours in a jazz capacity in many countries.

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