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Five new textile stores opened simultaneously in Ashgabat

Ashgabat, June 17, /Arzuw NEWS/. Five new stores belonging to the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan - "Ýeňiş", "Gala", "Bedew", "Goza", "Panbarhat" - have been opened in the capital of Turkmenistan, where locally produced goods are offered for sale.

№1 - Store textile complex of Mary velayat "Ýeňiş" sells a wide range of men's shirts. The price for classic and modern men's shirts varies from 125 to 160 manat.

- The name of the factory brand "Ýeňiş" (Victory - editor's note) originates from the year of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This year the factory is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Our products are made of high quality blended fabrics, 80% cotton and 20% polyester. We participate in international fairs and export our products to countries such as Turkey and the Russian Federation Gulnar Bekieva, the store's chief director, told Arzuw NEWS.

It should be noted that the products of the factory "Eeňiş" are also available in the "Bereketli" market (store 209), located in the Mir 7 district of the capital, as well as in a specialized store at the factory "Eeňiş" in Mary province.

Contact phones: +99362534965 / 4-62-27

№2 - In the Gala store, the textile complex named after Atamyrat Niyazov, a hero of Turkmenistan, located in Geokdepe, various T-shirts for adults cost from 55 to 65 manats, sportswear from 100 to 180 manats, hooded sweatshirts from 70 to 110 manats, children's batiks and T-shirts from 20 to 25 manats. Phone numbers of the store are not available yet due to technical reasons.

№3 - Store Bedew, Turkmenbashi Jeans Complex, sells a wide range of jeans made according to international ISO standards. Denim jackets are sold for 115 manat, sleeveless jackets for 80 manat, denim shirts for adults and children from 60 to 80 manat, pants and skirts for 75 manat, overalls for 80 manat, sundresses for 62 manat, shorts from 50 to 70 manat. It should be noted that the Bedew brand won an award at an exhibition in the Russian Federation in 2019.

№4 - In the store "Goza", Ashgabat textile complex, terry products are sold. Towels cost from 4 to 250 manat, depending on the size and density of the fabric, terry robes from 65 to 250 manat, slippers from 20 to 40 manat. Bedclothes - 125 to 350 manat, blankets - 180 to 200 manat, pillows - 70 manat, tablecloths - 150 manat and soft toys - 40 to 150 manat.

Phone numbers: 23-23-60 / 49-10-30

5 — The Panbarhat store sells high-quality fabrics produced by the Ashgabat factory of the same name. Panbarkhat fabrics for sewing women's dresses are sold here for 146 manats per meter. Customers can also buy a variety of patterned scarves for 200-400 manats.

Phone for information: 25-94-06

All stores are located on the 1st floor of the house number 117 on A. Niyazov Street (formerly Hudaiberdiyeva). All stores accept payment both in cash and by bank cards. Stores are open daily from 9:00 to 19:00, no days off.

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