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Turkmenistan's first IT-platform will appear in Ashgabat

In the near future the first IT-platform in Turkmenistan will start its activity in Ashgabat. Its cofounder is the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan, on the basis of which it will be opened. Among other cofounders are mobile operator Altyn Asyr JSC and Ashgabat GTS.

The location of the Innovation IT Center is Oguzkhan Street. There are also 2 university departments providing training for professionals in the field of IT-security and digitalization of the economy.

A two-story building has been set aside for the capital's IT venue. Offices in it can be rented not only by firms whose activities are connected with the IT field, but also by students or people with sufficient experience in software development. The office area has 150 places. There is also a common area for business activities that can accommodate 50 participants. In addition to offices and a presentation room, the Innovation Center has a cozy recreational area.

The main task of the first IT platform in Turkmenistan is to unite talented young specialists and scientists working in the sphere of information and communication technologies, winners of various competitions in this sphere. A young scientist Yagmurguly Garovov, who has recently graduated from the Turkmen Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics but has already won a prestigious state contest among young scientists, is the head of Turkmenistan's first IT-Platform. At the moment he is focused on creating an automated management information system for use in Turkmenistan's universities.

The first IT platform will undoubtedly set the course for the creation of innovation centers of this kind in all etraps and velayats of Turkmenistan.


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  • Unfortunately, the websites have misinterpreted the name of the director of the IT site. Refer to the primary source's version, the newspaper NEUTRAL TURKMENISTAN, PUBLICATION IN THE SEPTEMBER 17th ISSUE.

  • Alas, you are in a hurry again. And again you have misspelled his last name. He is Yagmurguly GAROV!