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International conference on preserving the historical and cultural heritage of Turkmenistan ended in Ashgabat

Ashgabat hosted a representative online conference on the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Turkmenistan. The country with ancient history is rich in numerous monuments of antiquity in need not only of preservation but also of restoration.

President Berdymukhamedov has set a goal for the ministries and departments concerned to establish close international cooperation in the field of tourism.

The preservation of monuments of architecture will attract to the country foreign tourists who are fond of studying world culture and art.

Currently, the priority direction of the tourism industry is to visit cultural and historical monuments as part of cognitive exchange, familiarization with the national traditions, ethnicity, rituals of the Turkmen people.

In this regard, there is an increasing need for all historical and cultural sites in the country to be brought into proper condition as quickly as possible.

The laws on the protection of antiquities and the improvement of museum business are designed to strengthen the responsibility of the staff of the relevant departments for the preservation of national cultural values of Turkmenistan.



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